Record Display Help

The default record display is a brief record that provides the title, author and publication details of a book, as well as its physical description, playing time, book number (this is the number you need when placing a request via Library staff) and place in a series (if any).

The links at the bottom of the page can be used to do the following:

'Results List' takes you back to your results list.

'Item Details' lists all the copies of the book the Library holds.

To search again, select 'Refine Search', and the search details that you previously entered will be retained on the search page.

If you wish to start your search afresh, select 'New Search', and your current search selections will be cleared so you can start again.

'Detailed Record' provides a more comprehensive description of the book, including a plot summary and subjects. Note that 'Brief Record' will take you back to the shorter display.

'Email the library' creates a new email message using your usual email programme, preaddressed to the Library and with the details of the book as the subject.

'MARC Display' shows the catalogue record in MARC coding. This is for Library staff use only.

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