Preferences Help

If you search the Library catalogue regularly, the Set User Preferences page is a helpful tool that permits you to set your own preferences for viewing and for searching. These preferences are set in a cookie that is stored on the hard drive of your computer, so while you are accessing the catalogue from the same computer, your preferences will be remembered.

You can choose to personalise the site by entering your name. This will be displayed on the main page to confirm that your preferences are in effect. This name may be any text you choose; it is not related to your Library membership.

You can choose to have advanced search features appearing on your main search page. The options available are 'Advanced Query', 'Subject Interest Selection', 'Collection', 'Language', 'Reading Level' and 'Format'. If you choose to display some of these you will not need to access the Advanced Search page. For example, if you choose 'Advanced Query', this will display the Keyword, Title, Author, Subject and Book number fields. This option can be helpful if you regularly search using a book number.

You can alter the number of search results displayed per page by entering the number of records you would like to see per page (the default is ten).

You can select a preferred display mode. Bobby AAA mode displays the web pages with Bobby/WAI conformity. However, JAWS users may prefer the JAWS Enhanced mode for improved speakability

The 'About' link displays the software version number of this catalogue.

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